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Stay Inspired With Coach Colleen

Colleen will inspire you with real-life motivation ripped from a page of her own life experience with her own food choices. She will give you tactical advice with the tools and inspiration you need to create a healthy lifestyle.

What Coach Colleen Can Do For You

Colleen learned everything she teaches the hard way, by becoming a vegetarian at 4 years old in the 1970s and out of necessity, discovering the tools and research that transformed her life and got her to where she is today.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she will work closely with you to provide a supportive, compassionate, and confidential mentoring environment. By creating a custom-fit lifestyle plan, using real experiences and well-tested practices; she will lead you towards a better understanding of your daily lifestyle choices and the influences they have on your well-being.

Her eating plans are supported with a personalized health and lifestyle assessment. From there, a customized lifestyle and eating plan is designed to assist you in achieving your health and lifestyle goals, preparing you for ultimate success.

The changes made to your lifestyle will be realistic, sustainable, enjoyable, and above all effective. I think you’ll surprise yourself with what is possible.

Practices You Will Learn


Trustworthy Food Plans


Intermittent Fasting


Low-Carb Life-Style


Quit Sugar


Detox Your Body


Healthy Weight Reduction


Eat Right For Life


Integrative Nutritional Coaching helps facilitate behavior change in a structured, supportive partnership between you and your coach. Coach Colleen will look at the whole person and overall wellness and  to help you clarify and realize your optimal health vision.

Coaching will:

  • Help you to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for moving forward
  • Support you in tracking your weekly progress and hold you accountable for your commitments 

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What Our Clients Say

Lisa Osrin

Magnificent is the only way to describe the end to my 10 day detox with Coach Colleen. I can’t thank you enough! I have thoroughly enjoyed and embraced my cleanse and I feel like a million bucks!

Greg Nerf

I encouraged my family to join me on a 10-day family detox challenge. We loved how the online group forum kept us engaged despite us all living in different parts of the world; it meant we were able to push each to reach our personal goals. It was clear from the start that you need to work with Colleen and stick to her rules otherwise you simply won’t achieve your goals. I found the end results worked perfectly both mentally and physically! The detox is not just about losing weight, although I lost 7kgs in the 10 days and have lost another 2 kgs by maintaining my healthier lifestyle.

Leilani MacDonald

I had none of the stuff I needed ready and I was not ready mentally either when I started my detox with Colleen. Now I am feeling phenomenal! I am fitting back into my smaller clothes and am feeling such a sense of accomplishment and am excited for what’s to come. Stay strong for those first three days; it is SO worth it!

Jacqui Robinson-Loynes

I highly recommend Coach Colleen if you want to lose weight and feel amazing. Colleen is extremely motivating and plans delicious, healthy meals. What I particularly loved about doing my 10 day detox, besides the weight loss, it changed my eating going forward to healthier choices and I continued to lose weight.

Carl Nielsen

Thanks Colleen.
This is literally that last thing I thought I could do but hey…
I appreciate the constant support and advice. Your team is incredible. I’m completely rethinking my (food) lifestyle choices going forward.
Highly recommend it!

Gwen Hedges

Bringing Coach Colleen into my life was the best decision I have ever made. Before this journey I was extremely overweight, had several health problems, was very weak and little to no energy.  I was also battling with depression and low self-esteem.

Now only 4 months later, I am not only 21kgs lighter but far healthier and more energetic than I had imagined. For the first time in over 25years, I was doing something for myself! Unintentionally and indirectly, my visible progress has inspired others.

Mark Collins

I am always skeptical of weight loss or detox programs. I had many reservations!! Although weight loss was not my goal but rather restore my body and give it a boost it so needed. I was very surprised after the 10 days, I had shed some unwanted kilos, increased my daily water intake and injected my system with nutrient dense food and felt truly amazing!! The detox is not designed to be easy and tested my resolve to the limit! Coach Colleen supported us throughout and kept us on the straight and narrow! 

Kia Johnson

Colleen has changed my world. I had always considered myself very healthy because I’m vegetarian but over the past few years I noticed a decline in my health and increased feelings of sluggishness and a permanent fog I just couldn’t get rid of. When I weighed in at the beginning of the programme I was shocked that I was at 63kgs which is a lot for my height of 1.64m. The initial days were such a challenge but with Colleens support and her fantastic team I pulled through it only to find myself on the good side of health. I am eternally grateful for the journey.

Fiona Rossiter

I began a wellness journey with Colleen in March 2020 after struggling with fatigue, stomach issues, weight gain, and high blood pressure. After a 10-day detox, I decided to continue the program until May. Almost three months later, I experienced more energy, no stomach issues, weight loss, and increased self-confidence. My mindset shift was around the 80/20 principle, focusing on nutrition over exercise. Although I still work out, I now eat cleaner, have more muscle mass, and have a healthier body shape. I plan to continue with this lifestyle, consuming clean and lean.

Megan Moerdyk

I began a journey with Colleen in April to address menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes and weight gain. The detox began on 9 April, and after a 10-day period, the scale showed a 3kg loss. Two weeks into the Intermittent Fasting and clean eating plan, the hot flashes disappeared and the weight dropped by 6.5kgs. The weight loss was about 25kgs after four months, with some adaptations and extra goodies allowed by Colleen. I now eat “good carbs” and maintain my weight, occasionally enjoying wine. The results speak for themselves.

Laylaa Edwards

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Coach Colleen has turned my life around! I have a friend, coach and therapist for life! I took in so much during this last year of being with her. I grew stronger and became the fierce woman I was meant to be! I am so grateful and would highly recommend everything she stands for.  This is and always will be a journey for me but having her by my side means that I know that I can do it.  I am 20kg down and look forward to losing another 10kg and enjoying the ride while I am doing it!

Crystelle Sewnarain

I had put on a lot of weight since stopping smoking. It took a toll on me mentally because I just felt heavier and my clothes were really tight. Colleen has been an absolute hero in my life, motivating and encouraging me to make healthy lifestyle changes. My favourite part was the 10 day detox, it completely reset my entire body and mind. I have not looked back since then and continue to still lose weight. My clothes have never fitted me better and my mental state has never been healthier. Coach Colleen for the win!!

My Story

Coach Colleen

I started coaching clients in 2000 with a focus on, and passion for, natural health, nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle.

Rewind to 1995; with a demanding career in the clothing industry I gave birth to my second son and in 1996 I gave birth to my third son. I felt as if I had been pregnant forever. I was tired and overweight, with no time, energy, or motivation for my mental and physical well-being. I had hardly slept for what seemed like years and my self-image was non-existent. I started a clothing design studio when my third son was a month old and what was meant to have been a fun part-time job turned out to be even more demanding and stressful.

By 1997 I was a walking time bomb – burnt out to the max – and it dawned on me that unless I made a radical change in my lifestyle, I was heading for burnout. A friend introduced me to a 10-day detox plan. At first, I was skeptical, and not sure I had the discipline to follow through.

However, once I got through the first 4 days of not feeling so great, a mental and physical transition took place. I was struck by how much clearer my thinking had become. I had a deeper consciousness. I was coping with my stress. I shed the last of my pregnancy weight and good things just kept happening.

I was feeling so amped and excited that my lifestyle changes overflowed into my kitchen and onto my family’s plates. As a family, we all started practicing kickboxing and their health improved radically. Trips to the doctor were more about stitches and broken bones and less about runny noses, bad coughs, tummy bugs, and ear infections.

My three sons are now young men and we all share a love for sports, good food, and a healthy, realistic, and balanced lifestyle. It’s amazing to look back to that time and realize that a 10-day detox in 1997 started it all, as a mom who only half was holding it together when my boys were just toddlers.

Today, I live in the beautiful Fairfield County, Connecticut, consulting as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I coach my clients globally, concentrating my energies on supporting others to purify and connect mind and body to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Colleen Robinson holds a University of Witwatersrand Diploma in Natural Health and Nutrition and a Reebok Instructors Alliance Professional Health and Fitness Diploma (Internationally recognized) and is a qualified Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Coach.


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