How To Identify And Break A Weight Loss Plateau

by | Jan 26, 2024

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Weight loss plateaus are frustrating, but a normal part of the weight loss process. You can overcome a weight loss plateau with just a few changes, you have to be patient, and remember every person’s body is different. When people set out to lose weight, they may assume the numbers on the scale will go down steadily.

In reality, it’s more common for your weight to fluctuate, your weight will go up and down.

What is a weight loss plateau, exactly? And is it something you can overcome?

I am all too familiar with the weight loss plateau with my clients.

We know it’s frustrating, but it shouldn’t deter you from sticking with your weight loss plan. I am here to help you hit your goals, and get past the dreaded plateau.

Here’s how:

What is a weight loss plateau?

A weight loss plateau is when you go two or more weeks without weight loss, even if you had previously been losing weight at a steady pace.

That’s right, when you step on the scale for 14 days straight without seeing progress, that’s a weight loss plateau.

Weight loss plateaus are frustrating, and predictably unpredictable.

Predictable because it’s going to happen (we hate to break it to you, but it is. It’s all part of the process.)

Unpredictable because we never know when it’s going to happen.

When you hit a weight loss plateau, be sure to remember:

  • Weight plateaus are normal.
  • Weight plateaus are frustrating.
  • Weight plateaus don’t mean you’re doing something wrong.
  • Weight plateaus don’t mean you’re not making progress.

What causes a weight loss plateau?

A quick reminder: Your weight fluctuates daily based on how hydrated you are, how much sodium you eat, the scale you use, and so much more.

It might be easy to pinpoint why the scale didn’t budge, or even ticked up from one day to the next, maybe it was a birthday bash and a very saucy pasta dinner was involved.

But it’s a lot more difficult to pinpoint why you’ve hit a plateau, especially if you are still doing all the things that have worked for you up until now. (Like staying within your calorie budget, getting your steps in, and making more mindful food choices).

How long does a weight loss plateau last?

For a weight loss plateau to truly be a plateau, you need to experience it for at least 14 days. From there, it really depends on how long it lasts.

That will vary from person to person—some people might break the streak on day 14, and for others it might last a few more weeks.

How do you break a weight loss plateau?

We have four practical tips to help you push past your plateau:

1. Weight loss plateau breaker: Ride the waves

When the scale won’t budge after a couple of weeks, take a deep breath.

Stay strong. And don’t change a thing.

Just be patient, and ride the waves.

Why? Just because the scale has stalled doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. When you’re on your weight loss journey, you’re still developing lifelong habits as you work towards achieving your goals.

2. Weight loss plateau breaker: Meet your calorie requirements

When we hit a plateau, our first instinct is to do one of two things:

1. Throw our hands in the air and eat all the food. We’re not losing weight, so we may as well find the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet, right?
2. Start eating way too little.

But neither of these instincts are helpful. There is no need to fall into the all-or-nothing thinking trap, or to skimp on food.

And we want to push past our plateaus, not prolong them.

3. Weight loss plateau breaker: Move more

Exercise makes up less than 5% of your daily calorie burn. While other activities, like all the calories you burn scrubbing your pots, chasing your children around, and walking your dog, makes up 15% of your daily burn.

Simply make a conscious effort to move more in your daily life.

4. Weight loss plateau breaker: Take a “diet” break

Take a break from the “DIET” and relax a little, rather focus on delicious low carb recipes. Educate yourself on Intermittent Fasting and trust me, within a few weeks, not only will you have a few extra dishes to enjoy, the scale will be tipping in the right direction.

So there you have it, four practical tips to push past a plateau. You can try one or try them all.

But for right now, which practical tip sounds most exciting to you?

Break your weight loss plateau with me

I know weight loss plateaus can be frustrating. We also have enough experience to know that weight plateaus are a normal part of the weight loss process.

That is why we have the tools to help you understand and eventually break through a weight loss plateau.

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