Plant Based Diet

by | Mar 23, 2021

plant based diet

When compared to animal products, food derived from plant sources supply more digestion-friendly fibre. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Lower in both saturated fats and cholesterol.

People who have switched to a plant-based diet often report higher energy levels and well-being.

Natural and unprocessed plant foods also provide complex carbs, which provide our bodies with the energy they need to function and grow and can reduce our intake of processed and refined carbs and sugars. This can help to improve energy levels, aid weight loss and may even help to reduce inflammation.

How to make the switch!

It can feel daunting to switch over to plant-based eating. Many people don’t even know where to begin.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, follow this tip it will help ease your transition.

Start by subbing, not eliminating. If you’d normally have a serving of animal protein with your meals don’t just eliminate the protein from your meal. Rather sub the animal protein with a plant protein.

See the list below for great plant-based protein.

  1. Tempeh – 15g of protein per ½ cup
  2. Lentils – cooked 8.84g protein per ½ cup
  3. Chickpeas – 7.25g protein per ½ cup
  4. Peanuts – 20.5g protein per ½ cup
  5. Almonds – 16.5g protein per ½ cup
  6. Spirulina Powder – 8g protein per 2 tablespoons
  7. Quinoa – cooked 8g protein per cup
  8. Chai seeds – 2g protein per tablespoon
  9. Hemp Seeds – 5g protein per tablespoon
  10. Broccoli – one medium stalk 4g protein

Stick to what you’re used to

You do not need to completely change the meals you enjoy or the flavors you’ve come to know and love. Rather spend time researching how to sub plant-based ingredients that have a similar taste and textures. For example- sub the beef in spaghetti Bolognese with lentils, or make a chickpea curry instead of a chicken one. This approach means you don’t need to completely reinvent how you eat, and the flavors will remain familiar, which increases the likelihood that you’ll succeed in eating more plants.

Try something new

Keep experimenting with tastes and flavors by finding new recipes on a weekly basis. Having fun with plant-based eating and making it interesting will keep you engaged and motivated to sustain this way of eating. And it’s always nice to try something new!

Find someone to do it with you

Things are always easier when you’re not alone in doing them. Get a friend, family member or co-worker to join you. Take turns in bringing each other different plant-based meals or treats to try, or get your partner or family member involved and take turns cooking up something plant-based during the week.

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