Understanding Toxic Storage In Your Body

by | Mar 23, 2021

toxic body storage

When you have more toxins coming into your body and being created than you have going out of your body, then the excess toxins will need to go somewhere.

The waste goes into storage.

Your body is effectively saying, I can’t deal with it now and I will store it and deal with it later.

There are a few different storage areas that are especially pertinent.

  1. Fat Cells

The body stores those excess toxins in the cells. The particular type of cells it ideally likes to use for storage is the fat cells because that’s the safest place to put stored toxins. This is why sometimes, no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise, the weight just doesn’t come off.

Your body will stubbornly cling onto the fat because it needs that storage capacity.

This is also why people who are naturally very thin suffer from health challenges with toxic build up. They don’t have the same storage capacity to act as a buffer so the toxins get put into other places where they can potentially cause more of a problem e.g. the liver and thyroid.

  1. Liver

The liver is not designed for toxin storage. However it is the place toxins go to when your body has no other choice because it is a relatively safe area.

One of the liver’s jobs is to process toxins.

Many toxins are so dangerous that they can’t be allowed to go through the body to reach the exits.

Once the liver has processed the toxins, the body can safely deal with them and remove them. This is why the liver is often the place the body uses to store toxins.

The liver has a million and one functions. Not only does it have to process toxins, it also creates hormones, and secretes bile to digest food.

When the liver is clogged up with stored toxins the other functions suffer. This is why we can have hormonal, neurotransmitter (i.e. mood and memory) and digestive challenges especially the inability to deal with fats.

  1. Thyroid

The thyroid tends to attract toxins for storage. This is the gland in the Adam’s Apple area of the throat. The thyroid isn’t a toxin-processing area. It just seems to magnetically draw particular types of toxin to itself especially halogens (e.g. fluoride and chlorine in tap water and plasticizers in all soft plastics) and heavy metals.

This causes severe problems because the thyroid is in charge of regulating your body’s metabolism and regulating how much ATP (cellular energy) is created.

It’s for this reason that someone who is overloaded with stored toxins is likely to suffer low energy.

Toxins can be stored in any cells and cause trouble in that area.

They can be stored in skin cells and create skin problems so the effects will be noticeable. Toxins will go to damaged areas of your body and create havoc!!!

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