Why Detox At All?

by | Feb 17, 2021

Why is it important for you to detoxify or cleanse your body?

What would happen to your home if you never took out the trash?

Imagine not dusting or cleaning the counters and floors.

You’d quickly end up with a filthy house!

Your body works in the same way and if you consistently have more waste going into your body than you have going out you’ll end up with toxic build up being stored in your body.

Eventually it will show on the outside but it may take a while to build up before it becomes visible.

In the same way, a house may look well looked after on the outside however filth is building up inside.

When you have a buildup of waste in your body, it has to go somewhere and our body stores toxic overload is at cellular level.

When waste builds up in your cells, sooner or later you get these six things happening.

1. Reduced Function

The first thing to happen is that your cells don’t work as well any more. How this may affect you depends on what type of cells we’re talking about. For instance, reproductive cells may stop working so well at their job of reproduction. Your liver or brain cells may not work so well at the jobs they do e.g. the cells that create neurotransmitters or hormones may not work so well. Wherever you have toxicity building up in the cells, that’s where problems will tend to show up.

2. Reduced Energy

One of the main purposes of your cells is to create ATP, cellular energy. If your cells are bogged down with waste, it will become less and less efficient at that job.3.

3. Attract Disease

If you have a huge amount of waste and filth building up in your house, you would eventually expect to get rats, mice or fleas or any kind of vermin that will take advantage of having waste to feed on. The same principles apply inside your body, but instead of rats or mice you get viruses, bacteria, yeast, molds and fungi that live and feed on that waste.

4. Inflammation

The disease agents and parasites can create inflammation, or just the toxicity itself can create inflammation (depending on what type of toxicity) as well. When we looked at reduced function as the first item in the list, remember that applies to immune cells as well as any other kinds of cell. This means that not only does the toxicity attract disease agents and opportunistic organisms but your body is less able to fight them off.

5. Premature Aging

Longer term, this chronic inflammation will cause premature aging. Reduced function of the cells doesn’t only apply to existing cells, but eventually means cells can’t replicate well or can’t replicate properly. As a result, you will start to age prematurely. This may happen on the outside of your body in a noticeable way or it may happen inside in a way that isn’t noticeable – not by someone looking at you perhaps, but you will feel it yourself on some level. If you can’t see the toxicity within you then I bet you can at least feel it or you wouldn’t be reading this.

6. Deficiency 

This is something people in the alternative health world are very focused on. That’s certainly good, since any kind of deficiency is a problem for health and a severe deficiency can be life-threatening so I’m not making light of it. But the key thing to understand is that deficiency is not necessarily due to not having enough of the right nutrients coming in. It’s that more of that nutrient is being used inside you than is ideal or that the nutrients you are taking in are not being properly absorbed and assimilated.

For example, if your intestines are full of backed-up waste then their efficiency at extracting and absorbing new foods coming in will be severely diminished.

Even if you do eat a very healthy diet or even if you use supplements, while your intestines are too clogged to absorb the nutrients, then you may still have deficiencies.

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